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Cardno ATC

Robert Toups - President/CEO
Donald Beck - Senior VP (Northeast Region)
Akhtar (Art) Zaman, PE - Highland Branch Manager/Senior Engineer
Diana Brown - Highland Administrative & Marketing Coordinator

Date Established
Established in 1965

About Us
Cardno is an international consulting firm specializing in infrastructure and environmental services, with expertise in the development and improvement of physical and social infrastructure for communities around the world. Cardno has a strong regional focus which complements specialist teams in major cities. Around 8,000 staff are currently employed in over 290 offices on projects in 85 countries throughout the world. At Cardno, it's our extensive range of services and our innovative approach to enhancing form and function that contribute to our successes for clients at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Cardno ATC can provide any type of environmental site assessments (Phase I & II ESAs), indoor air-quality and industrial hygiene services (asbestos, lead based paint, mold surveys), soil and groundwater sampling and testing, geotechnical engineering design and analysis, construction QA/QC materials testing (CMT) services, etc. We have registered Professional Engineers (PE), professional geologists (LPG), certified field and laboratory technicians, licensed inspectors, etc., to assist with any projects. Our field construction materials technicians are signatory to IUOE Local 150.


Cardno ATC
2224 Industrial Drive, Suite A
Highland, IN, 46322

Phone: 219-922-7235
Fax: 219-922-7243

Company Contact
Akhtar (Art) Zaman, PE

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