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DLZ Industrial, LLC

Kurt Schmiegel - President
Don Williams - Group Manager Construction Surveying
Ray Keilman - Group Manager Professional Surveying
John Sprouse - Group Manager Industrial Services
Chris D'Antonio - Group Manager Materials Testing/Drilling

Date Established
Established in 1916

About Us
The DLZ Industrial office consists of, on average, over fifty (50) full-time experienced survey personnel performing land surveying, construction surveying and machinery and optical tooling services and are affiliated with the Chicago Journeyman Plumbers' Technical Engineering Division Local 130. We also provide material testing and geotechnical/ environmental drilling services, as well as offer the services of our certified non-destructive structural steel inspection group all of whom are affiliated with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150. We feel the depth and experience of our resources will allow us to respond quickly to meet the demanding schedules of today's projects in a safe and efficient manner.

The DLZ Corporation employs over 600 people including engineers, scientists, planners, and surveyors in 18 offices with a proud history spanning nearly 100 years. We are currently a member of the National Minority Business Development Council, Inc., an affiliate member of the Chicago Minority Business Development Council, Inc., and an Indiana Department of Administration certified Minority Business Enterprise.


Markets Serviced:
- Industrial (Steel, Petrochemical, Energy, Manufacturing, Paper, Other)
- Commercial (Site Development, High-Rise, Low-Rise)
- Transportation (Railways, Airports, Bridges, Roads, Waterways)
- Public (Sewers, Tunnels)
- Medical
- Education

Services Provided:

Construction Surveying
- Site Control (Horizontal and Vertical)
- Staking and Layout
- Structural Alignment and Plumb Surveys, Anchor Bolt As-builts
- 3-D High Definition Laser Scanning and 3-D Modeling
- Machine Control (DTM's)
- Settlement Monitoring
- Hydrographic
- Volumetric Surveys

Industrial Surveying (both optical and laser tracker)
- Establish and Maintain Control (Baselines, Plug Lines, Centerline Offsets, Monumentation)
- Machinery Alignment
- Part Verification Surveys (Geometry, Tolerance, and Fabrication)
- Incident Investigation Surveys
- Process Line Surveying
- Maintenance Repair Surveying
- Distortion Surveys
- Caster Alignment
- Rolling Mill Alignment
- Overhead Crane Runway Alignment and Square Checks
- Slitter Line Surveys
- Structural Steel Alignment
- Detailed Surveys for Fabrication
- Establishment of Mill Centerline
- Reverse Engineering Surveys
- Field Machining Support
- Hydrographic (water intake, dock surveys)
- 3-D High Definition Laser Scanning and 3-D Modeling

Professional Surveying
- ALTA/ASCM Land Title Surveys
- Boundary, Easement Surveys and Document Record Research
- Topographic
- FEMA Elevation Certificates
- Geographic Information System (GIS) Inventories

Materials Testing, Geotechnical Drilling
- Soils Testing (Field and Laboratory)
- ConcreteTesting (Field and Laboratory)
- Masonry Testing (Field and Laboratory)
- Asphalt Testing (Field)
- Structural Steel Inspection (Bolt Torque, NDT Weld Inspection)
- Fireproofing Inspection and Testing (Field and Laboratory)
- Floor Flatness Inspection
- Soil Borings
- Monitoring Well Installation/Removal
- Drilling for Grounding Rods


DLZ Industrial, LLC
316 Tech Drive
Burns Harbor, IN, 46304

Phone: 219-764-4700
Fax: 219-764-4756

Company Contact
Craig Nagdeman

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