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Vidimos, Inc.

A. Scott Vidimos - President
Chris Lawes - Vice President
Adam Vidimos - Treasurer
Dan Vidimos - Secretary
Jim Moskalick - Field Superintendent

Date Established
Established in 1946

About Us
Vidimos, Inc. is a union industrial sheet metal job shop. Based in the heart of Lake County, we are located to fulfill the needs of the light and heavy industry in Northwest Indiana. Our years of quality experience, focus on safety and continual training, and quick delivery all contribute to our excellent reputation in the industry.

Installation of ductwork systems including ventilation, dust collection and process ducting is an important service provided by Vidimos. However, we also erect chutes and other specialty sheet metal fabrications as well as install jacketing/lagging over insulation.

With over 50,000 square feet of fabrication space, Vidimos manufactures ductwork, stacks, tanks, chutes, miscellaneous structural steel and other custom fabrications. Besides standard sheet metal shop equipment, we also own and operate two laser burning machines, a 10' x 40' high definition burning machine, multiple press brakes including a 12' long 380 ton unit, multiple shears including a 5/8" x 16' plate shear, and multiple rolls including a 3/4" x 10' plate roll. Specialty equipment includes a vibratory stress relief unit as well as a sheet corrugator. Overhead cranes provide most of the material handling capabilities with three of the six cranes being ten ton capacity. A 25 ton yard crane allows movement of loads in our yard.

Emergency work is an integral piece of the service Vidimos offers. Besides being able to man field work on an around-the-clock basis, the shop operates two shifts year round.


Vidimos, Inc.
3858 Indiana Harbor Avenue, P.O. Box 480
East Chicago, IN, 46312

Phone: 219-397-2728
Fax: 773-221-2244

Company Contact
A. Scott Vidimos

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