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EMCOR Hyre Electric

Thomas R. Corsiglia - President/CEO
Ron Borman - Executive Vice President
Dave Pera - Executive Vice President
Rick Freeman - Chief Financial Officer
Thomas S. Gozdecki, III - Quality/Safety Manager

Date Established
Established in 1979

About Us
Hyre Electric is a full-service electrical contractor with a unique focus on the customer, a track record for safety and reliability, and a vast wealth of experience in every facet of the construction process, including life safety services, telecommunications, and electrical construction.

Hyre Electric is located in Highland, Indiana. Hyre specializes in the design, integration, installation, start-up, testing, operation and maintenance of (i) distribution systems for electrical power (including power cables, conduits, distribution panels, transformers, generators, uninterruptible power supply systems and related switchgear and control); (ii) lighting systems, including fixtures and controls; (iii) low-voltage systems, including fire alarm, security, communications and process control systems.

Hyre Electric provides electrical construction, telecommunication and electrical maintenance services directly to end-users (including corporations, municipalities and other government entities, owners/developers, and tenants of buildings) and, indirectly, by acting as a subcontractor for construction managers, general contractors and other subcontractors. Electrical construction services are principally either; large installation projects with contracts generally in the multi-million dollar range; smaller system installations involving renovation and retrofit work; and maintenance and service. In addition, we operate and maintain electrical systems for customers under contracts and provide other services to customers, at the customer's facilities, which services are commonly referred to as facilities management.


EMCOR Hyre Electric
2655 Garfield Avenue
Highland, IN, 46322

Phone: 219-923-6100
Fax: 219-838-3631

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